July 11, SASAC chief accountant Shen Ying in the new office conference, said the SASAC in the first half to promote the central enterprises to debt-to-equity swap, there are 12 central enterprises and banks signed a debt-equity swap agreement, which China Steel Group ,Bao Wu Group and other debt-to-equity swap has landed, optimizing the capital structure.

Shen Ying said that the SASAC on the central bank debt risk control system arrangements for the debt ratio and debt scale double control, the annual debt ratio of more than a certain level, the risk of the central enterprises to be included in the assessment, for the scope of the enterprise investment scale to be strict Control, in the use of funds, pay, management costs, etc. should be substantially compressed.

She also said that in recent years, the SASAC in the central enterprises down lever to do a lot of work. For example, to promote corporate capital market financing, the first half of the central enterprises IPO, placement and other ways to finance more than 100 billion yuan, the SASAC also support enterprises to carry out asset securitization business; to promote enterprises through inventory revitalization of funds; there is to promote debt- At present, 12 central enterprises and banks have signed a debt-to-equity swap agreement.

Editor: Song Yucheng Source: China Securities Network