Molybednum Wire

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Product Introduction

TANKII Molybdenum Wire specifically designed for thermal spraying. It produces dense, well-bonded coatings with excellent wear resistance and good corrosion resistance. it is particularly effective for applications where scuffing or galling is a problem, such as piston rings, shift forks and synchronizing rings.

Chemical Content %

Nominal Composition Mo%
-- 99.5

Mechanical Properties

Property Name Value
Typical Hardness HRC 15-35
Bond Strength 7900 psi
Deposit Rate 10 lbs/hr/100A
Deposit Efficiency 75%
Wire Coverage 1.1 oz/ft2/mil
Surface Texture Variable

Size & Packaging

Condition Solid wire
Diameter 1.6mm(14 ga), 2.0mm, 3.175mm
Package Size 10kg, 15kg, or up to client's demand