FeCrAl Alloy

FeCrAl alloy is high resistance and electrical heating alloy. FeCrAl Alloy can reach process temperatures of 2192 to 2282°F, corresponding to a resistance temperature of 2372°F.
In order to improve anti-oxidation ability and increase working life, we usually put addition of rare earths in the alloy, such as La+Ce, Yttrium, Hafnium, Zirconium, etc.

It is normally used in electrical furnace, glass top hobs, quartz tube heaters, resistors, catalytic converter, heating elements and etc.

TANKII A-1 B603 I kanthal A-1
Resistohm 153 Х27Ю5Т
Resistohm 145
Resistohm 140 B603 ⅡA CrAl 25/5 Х23Ю5Т Х27Ю5Т FCHW1 FCHRW1 Kanthal AF
Resistohm 140Re B603 ⅡB
Resistohm 135 B603 ⅡA CrAl 20/5 Х23Ю5 kanthal D
Resistohm 130 CrAl 15/5 Х15Ю5
Resistohm 125 B603 Ⅲ CrAl 14/4 Х14Ю4 ALKROTHAL 720
Resistohm 123 CrAl 19/3 Х19Ю3 FCHW2 FCHRW2 ALKROTHAL 720