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Type R, S, and B thermocouples are "Noble Metal" thermocouples, which are used in high temperature applications.

Type S thermocouples are characterized by a high degree of chemical inertness and stability at high temperatures. Often used as a standard for calibration of base metal thermocouples.

Platinum rhodium thermocouple(S/B/R TYPE)

Platinum Rhodium Assembling Type Thermocouple is widely used in production places with high temperature. It is mainly used to measure temperature in glass and ceramic industry and industrial salting.

Insulation material: PVC, PTFE, FB or as per the customer's requirement.


Chemical Composition

Conductor Name Polarity Code Pt /% Rh /%
Pt90Rh Positive SP 90 10
Pt Negative SN, RN 100 --
Pt87Rh Positive RP 87 13
Pt70Rh Positive BP 70 30
Pt94Rh Negative BN 94 6

Working temperature range

Dia. /mm Type Long time working temp./ ºC Short time working temp. / ºC
0.5 S 1300 1600
0.5 R 1300 1600
0.5 B 1600 1700


  1. Heating - Gas burners for ovens
  2. Cooling - Freezers
  3. Engine protection - Temperatures and surface temperatures
  4. High temperature control - Iron casting