Spray Alloy

Thermal Spray wire is a wide range of alloys for high-temperature corrosion protection, bonding layers, build-up coating and sealing.

NiAl95/5 Wire Tafa 75B Metco 8400 PMET 885
NiCrTi Wire Tafa 45CT Metco 8500 PMET889
Inconel 625 Wire Tafa 71T Metco 8625 PMET 860
Pure Zinc Wire Tafa 02Z Metco Zinc PMET 540
Aluminum Wire Tafa 01T Sulzer Metco Al PMET 699
NiCr80/20 Wire Tafa 06C Metco 8450 PMET 821
Molybednum Wire Tafa 13T Sulzer Metco Sprabond PMET 899
304 SS Wire Tafa 80T Metcoloy 1 PMET 710
420 SS Wire Tafa 60T Metco Metcoloy 2 PMET 720
Pure Nickel Wire Tafa 06T Metco Nickel PMET 806
Copper Alloy Wire Tafa 05T Metco Copper PMET 599
Monel400 Wire Tafa 70T Metco NiCu PMET 877
316 SS Wire Tafa 85T Metcoloy 4 PMET 730