Thermocouple Wire

Thermocouple wire allows temperatures to be measured electronically. Thermocouples are used in many industrial, scientific, and OEM applications. They can be found in nearly all industrial markets: Power Generation, Oil/Gas, Pharmaceutical, biotech, Cement, Paper & Pulp, etc. Thermocouples are also used in everyday appliances like stoves, furnaces, and toasters. 
Thermocouples are typically selected because of their low cost, high temperature limits, wide temperature ranges, and durable nature. Available Types of thermocouple wires are B, R, S, K, N, E, J and T.

Our plant manufacture type KX, KCA, KCB, NX, EX, JX, NC, TX, SC/RC extension cable for thermocouple, and they are used in temperature measurement instruments.Generally, the extension cable is consisted of conductor, insulation, jacket and shield.

K Chromel-Alumel Chromel-Alumel Chromel-Alumel Chromel-Alumel
N Nicrosil-Nisil Nicrosil-Nisil Nicrosil-Nisil Nicrosil-Nisil
E Chromel-Constantan Chromel-Constantan Chromel-Constantan Chromel-Constantan
J Iron-Constantan Iron-Constantan Iron-Constantan Iron-Constantan
T Copper-Constantan Copper-Constantan Copper-Constantan Copper-Constantan
B PtRh30-PtRh6 PtRh30-PtRh6 PtRh30-PtRh6 PtRh30-PtRh6
R PtRh13-Pt PtRh13-Pt PtRh13-Pt PtRh13-Pt
S PtRh10-Pt PtRh10-Pt PtRh10-Pt PtRh10-Pt
RC/SC Cu-CuNi Cu-CuNi Cu-CuNi Cu-CuNi
KX Chromel-Alumel Chromel-Alumel Chromel-Alumel Chromel-Alumel
NX Nicrosil-Nisil Nicrosil-Nisil Nicrosil-Nisil Nicrosil-Nisil
EX Chromel-Constantan Chromel-Constantan Chromel-Constantan Chromel-Constantan
JX Iron-Constantan Iron-Constantan Iron-Constantan Iron-Constantan
TX Copper-Constantan Copper-Constantan Copper-Constantan Copper-Constantan
Thermocouple alloy strip