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The thermocouple compensation cables can also be termed as instrumentation cables, since they are used for process temperature measurement. The construction is similar to pair instrumentation cable but the conductor material is different. Thermocouples are used in processes to sense temperature and is connected to the pyrometers for indication and control. The thermocouple and pyrometer are electrically conducted by thermocouple extension cables / thermocouple compensating cables. The conductors used for these thermocouple cables are required to have similar thermo-electric (emf) properties as that of the thermocouple used for sensing the temperature.

Our plant mainly manufacture type KX, NX, EX, JX, NC, TX, SC/RC, KCA, KCB compensating wire for thermocouple, and they are used in temperature measurement instruments and cables. Our thermocouple compensating products are all made abiding by GB/T 4990-2010 'Alloy wires of extension and compensating cables for thermocouples' (Chinese National Standard), and also IEC584-3 'Thermocouple part 3-compensating wire' (International standard).

Detailed Parameter

Thermocouple Code Comp. Type Comp. Wire Name Positive Name Positive Code Negative Name Negative Code
S SC copper-constantan 0.6 copper SPC constantan 0.6 SNC
R RC copper-constantan 0.6 copper RPC constantan 0.6 RNC
K KCA Iron-constantan22 Iron KPCA constantan22 KNCA
K KCB copper-constantan 40 copper KPCB constantan 40 KNCB
K KX Chromel10-NiSi3 Chromel10 KPX NiSi3 KNX
N NC Iron-constantan 18 Iron NPC constantan 18 NNC
N NX NiCr14Si-NiSi4Mg NiCr14Si NPX NiSi4Mg NNX
E EX NiCr10-Constantan45 NiCr10 EPX Constantan45 ENX
J JX Iron-constantan 45 Iron JPX constantan 45 JNX
T TX copper-constantan 45 copper TPX constantan 45 TNX

Color code (IEC Standard)

Type Positive / negative Jacket
SC/RC Orange/white Orange
KX Green/white Green
NX Pink/white Pink
EX Purple/white Purple
JX Black/white Black
TX Brown/white Brown

Customized size and insulation material is available.