Copper Alloy

Copper Nickel Resistance Alloy principally destined for the manufacturing of low temperatures electric resistances so as heating cables, shunts, resistances for automobile, they have a maximum operating temperature of 752°F. The most known, Constantan presents the advantage of a very low temperature coefficient. Their advantages are the following: very good resistance to corrosion, Very good malleability and very good solderability.

Manganin is a trademarked name for an alloy of typically 86% copper, 12% manganese, and 2% nickel. This resistance alloy has moderate resistivity and low temperature coefficient. The resistance/temperature curve is not as flat as the constantans nor are the corrosion resistance properties as good. It is used in the manufacture of resistors, particularly ammeter shunts.

Grade Sweden ISA
Constantan CUPROTHAL 49 / 294 ISOTAN
Alloy 30 Cuprothal 5
Alloy 60 Cuprothal 10
Alloy 90 Cuprothal 15
Alloy 180 Cuprothal 30
Manganin 37 MANGANIN 37
Manganin 43 MANGANIN 43
Manganin 47
Zeramin 6
Zeramin 7
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Beryllium copper C17500
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Pure Copper Foil
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