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NiCr- CuNi thermocouple wire (type E) is also named NiCr-Constantan thermocouple wire. It has a stronger signal & higher accuracy than the Type K or Type J at moderate temperature ranges of 1,000F and lower. The type E is also more stable than the type K, which adds to its accuracy.

Type E thermocouple has the largest EMF output and highest sensitivity, so it is ideal for measuring small temperature change. It also has good stability in the low temperature range up to 300ºC, and good property of anti-corrosion in humidity atmosphere. It is recommended for oxidizing or inert atmospheres, but cannot be used directly in reducing atmosphere and atmosphere with sulphur gases.

Thermocouple ribbon wire, rods, strips can be supplied according to your request.

Detailed Parameter of thermocouple wire

Chemical Composition

Conductor Name Polarity Code Ni /% Cr /% Cu /%
NiCr Positive EP 90 10 --
Cu-Ni(Constantan) Negative EN 45 -- 55

Working Temperature Range of thermocouple wire

Diameter/mm Long time Working temperature /ºC Short period Working temperature /ºC
0.3, 0.5 350 450
0.8, 1.0, 1.2 450 550
1.6, 2.0 550 650
2.5 650 750
3.2 750 900


  1. Heating - Gas burners for ovens
  2. Cooling - Freezers
  3. Engine protection - Temperatures and surface temperatures
  4. High temperature control - Iron casting