Precision Alloy

Precision alloys include soft magnetic alloys and expansion alloys have special physical and mechanical properties, and are extensively applied in the key elements and devices of precision motor, electric appliance, instruments and meters, telecommunication equipment.

Grade UNS British American German French Trade
Alloy 46 UNS K94600 ASTM F30 Glass sealing 46 Alloy
Alloy 48 UNS K94800 ASTM F30 Nilo 48
Alloy 52 UNS N14052 ASTM F30 Glass sealing 52 Alloy
Alloy 475 UNS K95000 AMS 7718 Bar, Tube and Forgings/MIL-N-14411 Comp 3 Nilo 475
Alloy 42 UNS K94100 ASTM F30/ASTM B 753/AMS 5683 Welding Wire WS 1.3917 DIN 17745/AFNOR NF A54-301 Nilo 42/Low expansion 42 Alloy
Kovar UNS K94610 ASTM F15/ASTM F26/AMS 7726 Wire WS 1.3981 AFNOR NF A54-301 Alloy K/Nilo-K/Rodar
Invar 36 UNS K93600/UNS K93601 Invar 36/Nilo36/36Ni ASTM F1684/MIL-S-16598 Tooling plate WS 1.3912 Alloy 36/Nilo 36/Super Invar 32-5
Permalloy MIL-N-14411 C/ASTM A753 Hy-Mu 80/Permalloy
Alloy 45 Low expansion 45 Alloy